Sep, 2018

The Best Physio In Barnstaple

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The Best Physio In Barnstaple The best physio in Barnstaple is a bold statement but, with an eye for business (and SEO) I felt obligated to tell you why you should choose us.  Stick with me. When I first started my training ( 12 years ago!) I knew that I wanted to help as many people as I could. Whether this be through rehabilitation, emotional support, education on how to…



Jun, 2015

How do I get back into fitness following injury?

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How do I get back into fitness following injury? Returning to sport following injury can be daunting. The first step is to get expert, honest advice. By having an initial assessment the current state of the tissue can be accessed. If the injury is recent then there may be some level of protection such as restricted weight bearing or activities. However as time go on it is important to load…


Why does my Shoulder hurt?

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Why does my shoulder hurt? There can be many reasons for shoulder pain. From trauma to repetitive strain to poor biomechanics. If you are into the science then read this "Why does my shoulder hurt" If you want to know about each condition check out www.physiowizz.co.uk or if you want to get it sorted call The Physio Crew, Fishponds today on 0117 9512328.