Jun, 2017

How to choose the BEST Physio in Bristol

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How to choose the best physio for you in Bristol Physiotherapy is such a personal experience that it is difficult to know who to choose or whether physio is the right option for you. Physiotherapy is a well established profession that works ( otherwise it wouldn’t be so well established and continually funded in the NHS) It is helpful to consider the following thing when choosing who is right for…



Apr, 2015

Is physiotherapy, chiropractic or osteopathy treatment best for back pain?

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Is physiotherapy, chiropractic or osteopathy treatment best for back pain? This is a question we get asked daily. Different therapists have different attitudes and values and we all work in slightly different ways. As physiotherapists a large proportion of our work is specifically treating back pain. Nicole has experience in working post op with patients as well as day to day back pain which may also include leg symptoms. We are…



Mar, 2015

Are you receiving enough physiotherapy and rehab following your hip fracture?

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Physiotherapy benefits following hip fractures A recent report “ Getting right, first time’ which followed up a report completed in 2012 found that 50% of those who sustained a hip fracture did not return to their former level of mobility.   Importance of getting rehab To reduce pain by normalizing range of movement. To gain advice or what you should/ shouldn’t be doing. To improve muscle strength and motor control…


Why does my Shoulder hurt?

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Why does my shoulder hurt? There can be many reasons for shoulder pain. From trauma to repetitive strain to poor biomechanics. If you are into the science then read this "Why does my shoulder hurt" If you want to know about each condition check out www.physiowizz.co.uk or if you want to get it sorted call The Physio Crew, Fishponds today on 0117 9512328.