Sep, 2018

The Power Of Reassurance In Reducing Pain

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The power of reassurance in reducing pain Every Saturday and Sunday morning I get similar calls. A trembling voice fighting, back tears as I can feel their anxiety creeping down the phone at me. Now there are no stereotypes here. It can affect men and women the same. Pain and fear engulf people as they feel completely out of control of their pain. We keep emergency appointments and try to…



Jul, 2018

How this small physiotherapy and well being business has helped 1569 patients in the last year

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You may be asking the question.. How has this 31 year old has grown The Physio Crew to 4 practices and developed such a caring, conscientious team in just 4 years?   I want to take you back a minute.   At aged 15 I stood staring at the top of Mt Etna across from Uganda to the Kenyan border. I stood there shivering with socks over my hands and…


Can physiotherapy help Rectus Abdominis Diastasis following pregnancy?

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Can physiotherapy help Rectus Abdominis Diastasis following pregnancy? During pregnancy women undergo a lot of changes! As the baby grow this puts mechanical pressure on the  rectus abdominis muscles and many will experience an increase in the inter recti abdominal muscle distance due to thinning of the linea alba. This effect is often caused by the hormonal changes which increase elasticity of the connective tissue. It often occurs in the…



Nov, 2017

7 secrets to keep your training gains whilst on holiday

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7 secrets to keep your training gains whilst on holiday It’s summer, which means a lot of us are dashing off on our long awaited summer holidays. Now, whether that is a lads’ week in Ibiza, or an experience of a lifetime in Thailand, none of us want to lose our training gains while we’re away. For some of us, it’s more than that too. You might be heading in…



Jul, 2017

How to make the most out of your Physio

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Have you tried physio and it hasn’t worked? Are you currently using physio and don’t seem to be getting anywhere? Physiotherapy is a very powerful tool that can be used to help people get back to playing sports, doing…



Mar, 2017

How to prevent ACL tears

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How to prevent an ACL tear Females athletes are 3.5 times more likely to sustain a non contact ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injury than men.   ACL injuries can happen from contact ( an external force impacted the knee) or non contact (Nil external force).   The injury classically involves the subject’s foot being planted on the floor with a valgus force ( knee going inwards ). There will often…