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Nicole Jones

Nicole Jones


Nicole Is passionate about helping people achieve their goals. From those who want to complete marathons and elite sport to those who simply want to maintain their independence.

In addition to treating general sporting injuries Nicole enjoys
supporting patients back to previous levels of mobility and allowing
patents to gain confidence to live independently or return to work.
She has previously worked with children which involved teaching
toddlers football and enjoys creating effective but fun rehabilitation
programs for them.

When not at work Nicole can be found wakeboarding, surfing or enjoying
a drink with friends.


Why choose Nicole?

Nicole has spent the last 3 years with Phil Harris at The Newbury clinic gaining valuable experience working with both NHS patients and elite athletes. She believes in practical, honest advice to get you back to your sport as soon as possible.


Before that she spent two years at The Spire Bristol working closely with consultants such as Jonathan Webb, Jonathan Eldridge, James Murray and John Hardy. She has been lucky enough to be involved with UK Boardmasters, the special Olympics and local events.

Evidence Based Practice

Managing gives Nicole great insight into the latest up to date evidence and the ability to network with researchers across the world. This has allowed her to build connections with other physiotherapists to continue giving the best possible treatment.

Specialist Skills

Nicole is a specialist sports physiotherapist and has a wide experience working with elite athletes ( including England Women Rugby Players) and amateur athletes. She has a special interest in the shoulder and has helped many runners manage injuries before competitions. Her own experience in sport has taught her the resilience needed and psychological impact of being out of training. This gives her the edge in helping you get back on track and expert knowledge to ensure you get the right advice and treatment. People experiencing non sporting injuries can benefit from her systematic approach without the delay of waiting for NHS treatment.

Why is Nicole different?

Nicole will listen to YOUR story. She will address all aspects of pain or reduce function and tailor a plan specifically for you. She will go the extra mile to offer the latest, evidence based treatments and provide you with the education of how to reduce the risk of it occurring again.

Qualifications and recent Courses


Bsc Physiotherapy : Plymouth University
PDDip Veterinary physiotherapy

Professional affiliations:

  • MCSP
  • HPC


  • 8th-9th July 2013 Pitch side trauma care course
  • Acupuncture foundation course
  • Ski injuries of the shoulder- Richard Sinnerton – 17th January 2013
  • ACL, meniscal and ostotomy updates – Mike Risebury/ Mark Wothersppon/ Adrian Wilson – 9th May 2013.
  • LIPUS – literature review and analysis cost effectiveness implementation guided by NICE guidelines. May 2013.
  • Advanced Reading Shoulder Course Nov 2013
  • SOC Orthopaedic, The Hip-Explained, An update of foot & ankles

If you are not 100% satisfied we offer a full refund on all physio or massages booked directly through us. We also guarantee that if you have to wait more than 10 minutes for your appointment you won’t have to pay a penny!

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy helps restore movement and function to as near normal as possible when someone is affected by injury, illness or by developmental or other disability. As members of the CSP, physiotherapists abide by a professional code of conduct to continue professional development and offer high standards of treatment. 

What should I wear?

To be able to assess properly physio’s need to be able to see the area affected. If it is a shoulder problem then you may be required to remove your top. For ladies a tank top/ strappy top would be ideal to be able to see the area needed.

For back, knees and hips it is important to see the surrounding muscles therefore shorts are a great idea or sensible underwear!

Do I require referral?

Nicole/Maggie are registered with most insurance companies and also treats self funding patients. Physiotherapist are autonomous practitioners and therefore do not require a referral from a doctor for treatment. Physiotherapists are trained to recognise patterns that may be sinister in nature and can refer you to the appropriate place ie orthopaedic surgeon or GP if needed.

What does an assessment involve?

A detailed history will be taken which gives the physio clues about the structures involved. The mechanism of injury and pattern of pain are very important in reaching the correct diagnosis. Once we have sat down and discussed your symptoms, restrictions in every day life and pain pattern we will then look at how you move, the joints range of motion and carry out various tests to reach our diagnosis.

Throughout the assessment the physio will be gentle and ask how certain movements affect  your pain. The assessment should not be painful and we will always find other ways to assess your movement if you are unable to tolerate any of the tests.

How much does it cost?

An initial assessment usually lasts between 30-45 minutes and costs £40.

Follow ups are usually 30 minutes for £30.  (£35 for insurance funded patients)

Home visits (Bristol) £60

We also offer packages if you require intense physio input, perhaps to boost mobility and confidence within your home

Do I need physio or massage?

This is a common question. Massage is one treatment modality included within the umbrella of physiotherapy. If you have a pain from injury or a pain that has come on over time that needs assessment to get a clear diagnosis then a physiotherapy assessment is usually best. If you have general aches an pains but nil specific problem then try massage first and our team can refer you on if they feel it is appropriate.

How do I book?

It is easiest to book online at

We do not have a receptionist so calls will be answered at the end of the working day if we are with patients. You can either call on 0117 951 2328 or send an email to

Maggie Mugglestone

Maggie Mugglestone


Maggie is The Physio Crew’s latest addition. She is an experienced MSK Physiotherapist and also has expertise in the hydrotherapy pool.

Initially starting her career in Poland Maggie practiced her hands on skills to help patients reduce pain and improve mobility. For the last 2 years she has been at a popular private practice in Oxford where she has helped people recover from sports injuries and pain whilst working.

While not at work maggie enjoys spending time with her husband and young daughter.

Why choose Maggie?

Maggie is a friendly, caring physio who will work hard to find the cause of your pain. She will work with you, supportively, to help you recovery from injury.

Evidence Based Practice

Maggie keeps up to date with regular training and also has a MSC in Physiotherapy.

Specialist Skills

Maggie can help patients manage pain and mobility from injuries that arise from golf, tennis or badminton. For those with severe disability we recommend attending the hydro pool with Maggie where we have a hoist and trained staff to help you recover independence whilst supported by buoyancy of the water.

Maggie also manages our rehab classes which are designed so that four people can come in to practice exercises, check technique at an affordable cost.

Abbie Parsons

Abbie Parsons

Massage Therapist

Abbie plays rugby for BLRFC. She is popular with clients for her sports massages and friendly, relaxed approach. When not playing rugby Abbie is studying to become a sports therapist.

Why choose Abbie?

“I have had 2 sport massages from Abbie. She proved to be very knowledgable and provided an efficient and effective service. I would recommend her to anyone with niggly musclar aches and pains. Very personable, professional, and frequently checked if pressure used was ok.”

Mrs. H. 2017

“Very good. Abbie was great. Thank you. Will be back”

Luke B. May 2017


“Loved my massage with Abbie. Her pressure was just right. I will definitely be coming back again ”

Miss M, May 2017

Specialist Skills

Abbie is extremely popular for those who like firm pressure. As a premiership rugby player she is extremely strong and has almost completed her Sports Therapy Degree. Training and playing at Premiership level means she understands the demands of being an athlete and the pressure on staying at peak performance. She has a loyal following of customers who like her friendly, down to earth nature.

Within her degree she has studied a variety of joint mobilisations, soft tissue mobilisations and strength and conditioning modules to allow her to help people with injuries to recover.

Lucie Peters

Lucie Peters

Remedial Massage Therapist

Lucie is extremely popular with her clients for her ability to make even the most anxious patients feel at easy. She has specialist skills in pregnancy massage and remedial massage and uses her medical knowledge learnt from high level pitchside qualifications to aid her clinical reasoning skills.

Why choose Lucie?

“Fantastic – Lucie is a great therapist. After having been to a few over the last 5 years it is without doubt that I can recommend Lucie as one of the best. The treatment gave me immediate pain relief and improved my daily issues. Lucie also provided me with excellent exercises, informing me how to improve flexibility in key problem areas. Thank you so much! I will certainly be booking again.”

Alex, May 2017


“I was extremely impressed with the whole experience. I thought Lucy was fantastic, very friendly, experienced and professional. I would definitely go back and see her again.”

Amy S, April 2017

Specialist Skills

Lucie is extremely popular with our clients and has made a fantastic impression since joining us a year ago. She works with bristol academy rugby ad has recently travelled with them to support them in Portugal pitchside.  She has specialist skills in remedial massage and great knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

Stuart Sievwright

Stuart Sievwright

Massage Therapist

Stuart is training to be a Physiotherapist and is qualified as a massage therapist. Having worked in the military he has good knowledge of anatomy and physiology to ensure you get effective treatment to the areas that need it most.

In the short time he has been with us he has already developed a loyal following with clients who like his straight talking nature and competent hands on skills.

Why choose Stuart?

“Comfortable, in good hands. Professional employee with good knowledge of the anatomy and physiology to perform the correct procedures”

Mr A.


“I was very happy with the session. It was the first time I had had any deep tissue work and I really noticed an improvement in my back and neck afterwards. I felt like I was treated well and made to feel very comfortable.”


Mr. S April 2017

Specialist Skills

Many people book in with Stuart because they want to benefit from his additional knowledge as a training Physiotherapist and with his experience in military fitness and rehabilitation. If you are looking for some one who can identify the area that is a problem and provide effective treatment, particularly if you have a niggling sports injury, Stuart is your man!


Flexible Clinics

We are open from 8am to 9pm Monday to Friday and ad hoc at the weekends by request. Perfect to fit in with your busy schedule!

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High Standards of Care

All our staff under go thorough training to ensure you are receiving the highest standard of care. We are careful to select staff who care about patients and are thoughtful to make your experience unique.

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Nicole is known for her straight talking manner and will give you the tools needed for your recovery. We can help you stick to your programme to ensure that you get long term resolution of your symptoms where possible.

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Its not as expensive as you may think! Just £40 will get you an assessment with one of our experts to get a clear plan for your recovery. Any subsequent follow ups will be £30. Pretty cheap when you consider you would pay that for an evening meal out or an evening out drinking. Nothing in comparison with having another night without sleep or missing a game of golf due to pain! You will not to sold a plan of 10 sessions as some people will only need a couple of sessions. Normally we can get an 80% recovery within 4-6 sessions.

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