Jan, 2019

How Much Does Physiotherapy Cost?

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How Much Does Physiotherapy Cost? How Much Does Physiotherapy Cost? This is a common question people ask. It is common that people are reluctant to get started with treatment to resolve their pain because they are worried about big bills that they can't afford. In most cases it often is a lot less than they expect! When you are injured there is usually a lot of uncertainty about how long…



Aug, 2018

Physiotherapy For Headaches

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Physiotherapy for Headaches At The Physio Crew we give free advice for people with headaches. Headaches can be extremely scary and debilitating, particularly severe ones. Sudden onset of an extreme head with nil prior migraines can sometimes be serious and you should ring 111 or attend A and E depending on the severity. Be sure to check the FAST principle (Has their face dropped? Can they lift their arm above…