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How to use the online booking tool

This is a convenient way for people to see our availability. Simply pop your details into the form ( name, date of birth, contact number) and it will take you to a page that asks what treatment you’d like and shows you the price of each. Select the treatment, then the clinic thats closest to you and it will show you the appointments that are available. We are opening 8am-9pm Mon – Fri and have Saturday and Sunday appointments too to fit around your busy schedule. If you need to cancel the appointment you can do so by calling 0117 290 0242 or send an email to


Which clinician should I choose?

Each clinician has their own skills and specialities. All have slightly different styles. You can check out out about page or call Nicole so she can learn a bit more about you and guide you based on your symptoms and history.


Do I need Physio or massage?

Many people ask this! Massage can be great to ease tightness and pain from general every day life or sport. It you have a specific problem you really need to get it assesses to establish a clear diagnosis. If sports massage is what you need the physio can complete this in your treatment.


Will I be tied in ?

Physiotherapy aims to help people become independent and free of pain ( where possible – there are some long term conditions such s ME where we help you manage long term pain but realistically we can not offer cures). We will guide you with the amount of sessions but its up to you whether you come in and there is certainly no hard sale. WE know even if we see you once there will be more benefit than not seeing you at all. We can then support you back to full fitness or partial fitness and then you can continue the advice and exercises independently.


I still have questions…

Why not speak to nicole for a no obligation chat?

Either email or call 0117 290 0242.

Discover how sports physio and massage can help you understand your condition, treat it and allow you to return to the things you love. Online Booking Available!

  • Clear diagnosis from experts.
  • Wide range of skills and experience across all clinicians to help people recovering from sports injury or any other pain or deficiency that is linked to the musculoskeletal system (ie nerves/tendons/bones/muscles)
  • Explaination of what is causing your pain to help avoid re injury and reoccurrence.
  • Qualified staff operating under the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Guidelines
  • ICO registered.
  • Flexible appointment times.
  • Nil fixed amount of appointments needed.